You don’t need to worry if there is a coin locker available! Quickly baggage is 2 minutes on foot from Namba station and you can make an easy reservation for easy baggage storage.
Be baggage-free and enjoy sightseeing in Osaka and Namba!

Quickly baggage’s
baggage storage service is so convenient

2 minutes’ walk from NAMBA.

Near the Namba Walk exit no.23! We can keep 300 baggages!
How to get there.
We accept reservations for group customers as well.

We ship your baggage to the Kansai Airport!

We will send your baggages to Kansai Airport!
Enjoy your shopping even more with your hands-free!

We offer storage for big baggage that doesn’t fit in coin lockers as well!

We have storage for suitcases and strollers too.
Our storage can accept up to a surfboard size baggage.
We offer storage for baggage that doesn’t fit in coin lockers!

The procedure is easy!! It can take as little as a minute to use our baggage storage service!

Leave your baggages before check-in and travel lightly!
Also after check-out, leave them and enjoy sightseeing without any baggages!


Easy to understand price setting
The baggage storage price is based on the total of Width + Length + Height.
We offer the storage of baggage that is thin and long for the same price.

We accept baggage like suitcases and strollers!
Baggage temporary storage

Let’s travel baggage-free!

  • Price
  • 500300yen
  • 700500yen
  • 12001,000yen
  • Baggage sizes
  • W+D+H≦120cm
  • W+D+H≧121cm
  • W+D+H≧150cm

Deliver to Kansai Airport

You can pick up your baggage at Kansai-Airport station between 14:00-21:00 if you complete the reception by 11:00.

  • 2,500yen
  • 2,500yen
  • Carry-on baggage size
  • Sizes bigger than carry-on baggage

Access map

We welcome walk-ins!
It just takes 2 minutes on foot from Namba Station so
it’s very convenient to visit before the check-in or after the check-out.

At “Namba Station” of various Subway/Kintetsu/ Nankai/ Hanshin Railway lines or
get off at “Nihonbashi” Station of Subway/Kintetsu line.
Walk up the Namba Walk (underground shopping district)’s “B21” exit and you will see the baggage storage store.

Now! Use baggage storage and
enjoy sightseeing baggage-free!